Deathscythe Hell In Prog

My first Gundam kit...back when Gundam Wing first hit the TV in the States.  The fondest moment I had during my childhood TV viewing consisted of hearing grown men murmuring "I-it's a Gund-AAAAARRRGGGHHHhhh" as their Leos were blown/chopped/pummeled into bits.  Deathscythe seemed to have an extremely popular fanbase probably because of the nature of the design and its likeable pilot.  I was always a fan of Wufei's MS, and yet for some reason I got the Deathscythe Hell as my first foray into GunPla.  And it turned out like nasty crap....until now.  I decided to remake my version after seeing some Wing threads on 4chan of all places.  Nostalgia kicked in as I started to watch the series again.

The first thing I did was to increase some of the movement on the legs.  First I lengthened the joint to allow space on the back portion of the leg, and then cut away a part of the thigh.  The leg on the left was lengthened, while the leg on the right was the original. It can bend a bit more, though not noticeably much.  However, it is enough for me to be able to get the knees to bend down. all the way.  Now I'll be able to have it crouch down on one knee. 

Next, I wanted the chest to be able to bend around like a human torso, sort of.  Taking some parts from my MG Zeta 1.0, I was able to create a neat little ball joint effect.

For my next mod, I disconnected the rear skirt.  Allowing the legs to reach back makes the following pose possible.

Here I sawed off part of the front cockpit so that I could deal with the lower white portion.  The ball jointed was put in place of the polycap that would have only allowed rotation of the torso.  It took me a while to figure out a way to have the ball joint stay in place since the there were no preset places inside the abdomen to glue it into.  As you can see, I also stripped off the gold plating.  These little buggers have poor paint adhesion, which sets the need to remove the plating.  Soaked in a container of 409 solution for a week and then in a cup of isopropyl alcohol.  The next two show my first attempt at incorporating the arm ball joints.  This venture failed until I came up with another solution earlier, but the pics are here in case anyone wants to know how to not do this. :)

Once again I used parts from the MG Zeta and incorporated them into the arm.  I found it amusing that the MG kit has a beefier version of the lame polycap arm design found on these Wing kits.  They make the arm certainly look manlier.  The first pic shows the original arm.  And here is also the final ball joint mod I came up with.

Here are some other misc pics, including modifying the shield with different thrusters, as well as adding thrusters to the backpack vernier system.